Starting the Fibreglassing !

Today I finally decided to try my first fibre glassing of a High Power Model Rocket. I brought some spray mount and masking tape and decided to first glass the top payload tube, as I originally brought 3 tubes, but now will probably only use 2. I decided that it would be wise to try and glass the easier top payload […]

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Some quick sanding

This afternoon I got the rocket into the back garden, and did some light sanding on the fins and fillets to remove any rough edges and get the surface ready for glassing. The little Black and Decker Mouse sander did a great job of removing the rough edges. Glad I did the sanding outside, as the […]

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Main body tube fitting

Yesterday I fixed the main body tube over the motor mount tube and fins and did some external fin fillets.    I used Araldite for the gluing the main tube on and for the fillets as its more easy to apply and mould. Then I used a few small clamps to hold the tube tightly […]

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Monster internal fillets. 

Today I started the internal fillets to secure the fins to the motor mount tubes and centering rings.  I have planned to make this rocket heavy and very strong as I hope to keep it below 5,000 feet when flown on its “M” motor and to survive any hard knocks on landing etc.  The internal […]

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Mixing Cups arrive :-)

A daft little update on the build today, but today my mixing cups arrived, so I can mix the 2 part epoxy for the rocket correctly as they are a little different to the normal with a 1 to 5 ratio. I did go a little overboard and ordered 50 of them, but then again I am […]

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