Monster internal fillets. 

Today I started the internal fillets to secure the fins to the motor mount tubes and centering rings. 

I have planned to make this rocket heavy and very strong as I hope to keep it below 5,000 feet when flown on its “M” motor and to survive any hard knocks on landing etc. 

The internal fillets are going to be a lot bigger then normal to help with the strength and add some weight. 

To start I used masking tape on all the joins to seal any gaps, then I mixed 50ml of 205 epoxy hardener with 250ml of 105 epoxy resin.   

I then laid the rocket on the opposite sides from the masking tape, and poured the epoxy into the “trough” made from the 2 fins and centering rings.   

After about an hour the epoxy had gone hard. But I plan on leaving the rocket for the rest of the day to let the epoxy to fully cure before doing the next fillet tomorrow.   


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