A new year, a new name

Well, the HART BEAT rocket is finally 99% finished and on the 10th June 2019, after spending just over £200 on paint and supplies, the rocket has gone to my good friend Lee for him to paint.

My Level 3 rocket was going to be called HART BEAT, following my first 2 big Rockets – HART ATTACK, and HART STOPPER, but after going through many colour scheme changes, I decided to have a bold, bright rocket instead.

So again after more talks with friends and family, the new name and colour scheme was decided.


The rocket will now hopefully look like this when fully painted.

Garfield express rocket COLOUR 4

Its current specs are as follows.

Length – 11 feet
Diameter 7.5 inches
Weight – 30kg (probably will change)
Motor used Pro 75 M1400 classic (may change)
Estimated altitude 4,000 feet
Estimated max speed 300 mph

Lastly after looking on E-Bay I found a company that sells fake fur material, and one of their designs is called GOLD TIGER.

2019-06-12 17.15.14this looks very close to Garfields coat, so I have ordered a few metres of it and then will hopefully get it made into a tube which can be put over the rocket whilst on display.

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