Monster internal fillets. 

Today I started the internal fillets to secure the fins to the motor mount tubes and centering rings.  I have planned to make this rocket heavy and very strong as I hope to keep it below 5,000 feet when flown on its “M” motor and to survive any hard knocks on landing etc.  The internal […]

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Mixing Cups arrive :-)

A daft little update on the build today, but today my mixing cups arrived, so I can mix the 2 part epoxy for the rocket correctly as they are a little different to the normal with a 1 to 5 ratio. I did go a little overboard and ordered 50 of them, but then again I am […]

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The Fins and Motor Mount.

The Fins and motor mount is now glued together and looking good. Here Chloe my dog is inspecting the work so far. At the moment the fins and centering rings are only glued on with some 5 min epoxy, as that’s all I had at the time, I ordered a lot more epoxy which has just […]

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The Parts

Here are some of the parts so far. Airframe parts            Altimeter – Altus TeleMetrum V2.0 with live GPS tracking data. 6 Grain Pro 75 Motor Casing with an normal Estes “D” motor for scale.

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The specs

The H.A.R.T. Beat rocket specs are as follows:- Length 125 inches / 10 feet 5 inches / 3 metres 17cm Width 7.5 inches body tube Weight approx 22 kg (without motor) Motor “M” class possibly M1400 or M1770 (tbd) Estimated max altitude 5,200 feet  Recovery – 12 / 16 foot parachute (tbd)

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