Starting the Fibreglassing !

Today I finally decided to try my first fibre glassing of a High Power Model Rocket.

I brought some spray mount and masking tape and decided to first glass the top payload tube, as I originally brought 3 tubes, but now will probably only use 2.2016-02-22 15.22.22

I decided that it would be wise to try and glass the easier top payload tube first, before  tackling the bottom tubes and fins. Plus if I make a bad mistake with this tube, I have a spare tube in reserve. 

 I started by first laying the top payload tube on the fibreglass cloth, then using masking tape at the ends to stop the cloth from fraying, before cutting the cloth to the required length, leaving a short overlap at the ends.

2016-02-22 15.39.19

Then I took the loosely wrapped cloth and tube outside so I could start sticking it to the tube.

I used a light coating of 3m spray mount glue and laid the cloth over the tube and slowly worked the cloth around the tube spraying more 3m spray glue on to the tube in light patches.

After a fair bit of pulling and cursing at the wrinkles, which after more hand smoothing and rolling with a new paint roller, I managed to get a fairly good smooth wrap of cloth on the tube.

2016-02-22 16.01.01

I am now leaving the spray glue to fully dry and will start applying the epoxy shortly. 

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