Nose cone assembly

Well it’s been too hot to do very much today 36.4c (97.5f) so have stayed in most of the day. But managed to epoxy the bulk plate on to the back of the nose cone for Garfield Express. I had to use a 6 inch bulk plate and U-bolt as did not have a 7.5 […]

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A new year, a new name

Well, the HART BEAT rocket is finally 99% finished and on the 10th June 2019, after spending just over £200 on paint and supplies, the rocket has gone to my good friend Lee for him to paint. My Level 3 rocket was going to be called HART BEAT, following my first 2 big Rockets – […]

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A new year

Well after nearly 7 months, I have finally started again on my level 3 Rocket. It’s been to cold for the last few months and my health has been poor. So I’ve not been able to do anything to the rocket. But this afternoon it was fairly warm and dry so I decided to get […]

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Finishing the airframe 

After getting the Telemetrum electronics sorted out a few weeks ago, I decided to start again on the airframe of my Level 3 rocket – HART Beat.  So for the last 3 days, I have been sanding and painting finishing resin on to the main body tube. It still needs another few coats but looks […]

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Fibreglassing Part 2

After having lot of problems with the weather. I found a way to continue the glassing inside.  The cloth is already on the tube with spray mount. So now I am painting on the  resin.   As I could not do it outside, I have found my HPR launch pad makes a great tube table. It’s […]

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New Eye Bolts

After a few comments about my eye bolts and the possibility of them giving way or straightening under strain. I decided to change them to proper forged eye bolts.   Hopefully these will be a lot stronger.  Now just waiting for some dry weather so I can continue with the fibreglassing. 

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